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Discover laser welding: a cutting-edge technique that uses a laser beam to fuse and assemble materials, without input, with exceptional precision. Ideal for the medical, aerospace and electronics industries, laser welding provides reliable and durable results, while minimizing part deformation.

Nos services

Our services


Expert consultation

Our experienced technical team will guide you through the entire process, from conception to completion. We will discuss your specific needs and propose solutions tailored to your requirements.


Precision laser welding

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can carry out laser welding with extreme precision. Our laser welding machine enables materials to be melted in a controlled manner, ensuring uniform fusion and a solid bond between parts.

This process limits the number of areas that can be thermally altered.


Material preparation

Before laser welding, we meticulously prepare the materials to be welded to ensure optimum results. This includes cleaning, adjusting the parts and preparing the surface to ensure perfect adhesion.


Inspection and finishing

Once the welding is complete, we carry out a thorough inspection to guarantee the quality and conformity of the weld. Finally, we can also provide additional services such as engraving or laser marking, for an impeccable final result.

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