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Discover laser engraving and marking with Laser-Tech: an ultra-precise technology for engraving various materials such as metals, precious metals, PMMA, glass, wood and plastics. Ideal for ensuring traceability (serial numbers, barcodes, data matrix), personalising, creating nameplates or labels, it offers high precision without damaging delicate surfaces.


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Different types of engraving and marking


Circular engraving

Circular laser engraving offers precise and elegant personalisation on a variety of surfaces, including all types of metal. Using a high-precision laser beam, this technique creates crisp, detailed circular engravings and can be used to create shapes or designs around the perimeter of a revolutionary piece. With a combination of cutting-edge technology, circular laser engraving offers professional and aesthetic results, adding a distinctive touch to any object.


Deep engraving

Deep laser engraving, a speciality of Laser Tech, offers a durable, high-quality personalisation solution. Using a precise laser beam, it creates deep, resistant engravings on a variety of materials. Perfect for product identification and industrial traceability, Laser-Tech's deep laser marking guarantees unrivalled reliability and sharpness.



Traceability becomes transparent thanks to laser marking from Laser- Tech. Using a precise laser beam, this technology enables products to be identified and tracked at every stage of their life cycle. From the marking of individual parts to series engraving, from serial numbers to Data Matrix, QR codes and bar codes, laser marking ensures reliable and efficient traceability, meeting the most stringent quality and safety standards.



Signage takes on a new dimension with laser marking from Laser Tech. This technology, which offers a wide range of colours, can be used to create durable, precise plates or labels for clear, professional signage. Whether for safety pictograms or logos, Laser-Tech laser marking guarantees optimum visibility and unrivalled durability.



Laser Tech's laser marking takes decoration to new heights. This sophisticated technology makes it possible to engrave intricate and detailed designs on a variety of surfaces, from wood to metal to glass. Whether for personalised gifts, decorative pieces or promotional items, Laser Tech's laser marking offers an incomparable touch of elegance and personalisation.


Communication by object

At Laser Tech, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer a bespoke customisation service to meet your specific needs. Whether you need complex cutting or personalised engraving, our team is here to help you turn your ideas into reality.

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