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Micro cutting

Discover laser micro-cutting: a cutting-edge technique that uses a laser beam to vaporise and melt materials with exceptional precision. Ideal for the electronics, aerospace and jewellery industries, laser micro-cutting offers reliable, long-lasting results, while minimising part deformation.

Nos services
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Our services


Specialized consultation

Our experienced team offers you an in-depth consultation to understand your specific micro-cutting requirements. We will discuss your requirements in terms of dimensions, materials and precision to provide you with the best solution.


Precise preparation of materials

Before micro-cutting, we meticulously prepare the materials to ensure optimum results. This includes cleaning, adjusting laser parameters and optimising cutting conditions to ensure maximum precision.


High precision laser micro-cutting

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can produce micro-cuts with extreme precision. Our laser micro-cutting machine makes it possible to produce very fine cuts and very fine cutting contours.


Inspection and quality control

After micro-cutting, we carry out a rigorous inspection to check the quality and dimensional accuracy of the cut parts. We ensure that the dimensions and specifications meet your requirements, guaranteeing reliable, high-quality results.

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